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5 Minutes On… Leading Inclusively

By Anjali Bindra Patel Director of DEI at Winrock International and author of the bestselling Humanity at Work

The Rise of Collaborative Leadership

By Maria Metz CEO, NTT DATA Romania

The collaborative approach to leading teams is best suited for today’s complex workplace, where newer, less-defined problems need agile solutions. Through collaborative leadership, executives can create an inclusive environment that energises teams, releases creativity, and cultivates a company culture that is both productive and joyful where information is exchanged organically, and everyone takes responsibility for the whole.

The Compassionate Corporation: A Pragmatic Approach to People-Centric Transformation

By Michael Goodman VP of Business Insights, NTT DATA Services , Kim Curley Workforce Readiness Practice Leader, NTT DATA Services , Lisa Woodley VP of Customer Experience, NTT DATA Services

How can businesses change and grow in a way that’s both practical for the organisation and empathetic to the individuals that make it up? The first step is understanding that people are always the drivers, as well as the agents, of change. Leaders must now rethink their growth strategy and take a humanity-meets-pragmatism approach to driving their business forward.

Leading Inclusively in a Covid-19 World

By Anjali Bindra Patel Director of DEI at Winrock International and author of the bestselling Humanity at Work

Inclusive leadership is more critical than ever as we continue to navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic. Leaders are working to maintain productivity, collaboration, and innovation during these challenging times. Those who can also address amplified issues around inclusion and belonging in a distributed workforce will be primed for superior organisational performance in the future.

How Purpose Guides Innovation at Terna

By Massimiliano Garri Chief Innovation & Information Officer at Terna

Why Having a Clear Ethical Purpose Results in Better Business and Happier People

By Paul Hargreaves CEO of Cotswold Fayre, B-Corp ambassador and author of Forces for Good

When the people who work in a company know and understand that their workplace puts people and planet first, they thrive. Purpose equals happier people.

The Beating Heart of Sustainability: People The world is online, working remotely, clocking long hours from unusual l

By Denisa Potra Head of Administration, NTT DATA Romania

The world is online, working remotely, clocking long hours from unusual locations. It’s important to remember that the workers that sit behind the screens and keyboards are people, and they need more than just another KPI to keep them connected and engaged

Leadership in Lockdown

By Chris Jones Sector Lead, Government and Social Enterprise, NTT DATA UK

Understanding how best to care for your employees, as we transition into a post-pandemic working environment, stems from a strong company culture. With culture as the foundation, leaders can protect and promote wellbeing, authenticity and effective communication.

In a World in Flux, You Need a Flux Mindset

By April Rinne Author of Flux: 8 Superpowers for Thriving in Constant Change

In today’s world in flux, traditional change management is insufficient. Enterprise agility, operational adaptability, cultural flexibility and organisational fluidity all fundamentally depend on a new way of thinking about and relating to change, period. Welcome to a Flux Mindset: an essential tool for leadership, robust organisational culture and thriving talent from here on out.

You Have Never Been More Important

By Jonathan Brown Performance & Stress expert, coach & author

In times of crisis, the foundation of leadership and trust is the three Cs: competence, caring and character. It is vital leaders communicate with and support their people. Never has strong leadership been more important.

The Mobilised Organisation: Building Power through People for a Resilient, Innovative and High Performing Organisation

By Candice McGlen Talent development expert, member of the Forbes HR Council and author of Engage Us Now!

When discussing employee culture, much focus has been put on agility, or the ability to respond to change. But to remain relevant and competitive, organisations must also consciously lead the change. In this way, there is much leadership teams can learn from social change movements, where authentic purpose, a belief in people power and the removal of barriers to participation mean that grassroots mobilisation can have real impact.

The Big Four of Making Culture Visible: Actions, Rituals, Symbols and Stories

By Ozan Dağdeviren Entrepreneur, speaker and author of Startups Grow with People

Cultures are constructed as the collective expression of the group social and psychological needs. Utilising theories of social dynamics when deliberately building organisational culture can make visible what is often intangible.

In the Age of AI, the Most Important Leadership Quality is Innately Human

By Swen Rehders Managing Director, NTT DATA Germany

As businesses continue to evolve their use of automation, what does this mean for leadership? AI and machine learning promise massive efficiency gains, but at what cost? Effective leadership in today's agile businesses means connecting on an emotional level with each employee. An algorithm will never replace an empathetic leader.

Conscious Leadership: The Secret Ingredient of an Entrepreneurial Culture

By Hema Bakhshi Culture transformation expert and former Director of the Future of Work at Santander

A different time, context and challenge requires a different mindset. The trick is not to blindly discard what has brought about success today and simply recreate the latest tactics, but to challenge the assumptions that have underpinned past success, and stress-test the ways value is created.

Selfless Service: How Japanese Philosophy Supercharges Innovation

By Tom Winstanley CTO & VP New Ventures, NTT DATA UK

Concepts from Japanese culture have permeated across the business world, and with good reason; a mindset which welcomes change and sees continual improvement, humility and respect as de rigeur is perfectly placed to be innovative.

People Investment is the True Workplace Capital of the Future

By Anna Amodio Senior VP & Head of HR, NTT DATA Italy

How can a business’s core people function bring employees together when a global pandemic is keeping them apart? Culture is more important than ever to ensure that your people know they are valued, and to maintain a healthy and thriving internal community.