The Era of the Bio-Economy

By Giorgio Scarpelli Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, NTT DATA Italia

Enabling technologies have given us the power to harmonise natural and economic systems. There are now lucrative opportunities for corporations to translate complexities into solutions for biodiversity protection, pollution prevention, public health improvements and job creation. Welcome to the era of the Bio-Economy.

The Sustainability Transformation

Sustainability has turned into a financial growth area as consumers become more aware of sustainable credentials, regulators and governments shoot for ecological targets and consumption threatens to outstrip resources. The business case for sustainable development is strong already: it opens up new opportunities and big efficiency gains; it drives innovation; and it enhances reputations.

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Transforming for Growth and the Future of the Planet

By David Costa Global Head of Business Development and New Markets, NTT DATA EMEAL

As we navigate the rapidly-changing business landscape, soon the only lasting competitive advantage that companies have will be the sustainability of their operations and their readiness to develop products and services that positively impact the world around them.

Closing the Digital Gap: Boosting Diversity in STEM Vocations

By Felipe Zaforteza Director Head of Public Sector and Health, everis, an NTT DATA Company María Jesús Villa Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, everis, an NTT DATA Company

How the Circular Economy Benefits Business and Investors While Tackling Global Challenges

By Michiel De Smet Finance Initiative Lead, Ellen McArthur Foundation (and Member of the EU Platform on Sustainable Finance)

The circular economy not only allows us to live within planetary boundaries, it can deliver superior returns, new growth opportunities and access to preferential credit lines. The finance sector is increasingly getting behind this framework and is supporting businesses in their transition with significant growth in funds.

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By Catherine Weetman Director of Rethink Global and author of A Circular Economy Handbook

Catherine gives CXO 5 minutes on why moving to a circular economy is such an important part of zero carbon strategies, and how making products for life deepens relationships with customers and opens up new markets.

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The CXO Podcast: Circularity and Future-Fit Corporate Strategy

By Catherine Weetman Director of Rethink Global and author of A Circular Economy Handbook & Maria Vittoria Trussoni Head of Sustainability Championship, NTT DATA Italy

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