Welcome to the fifth issue of CXO Magazine.

By Bob Pryor CEO, NTT DATA Services

Continuous innovation used to be enough to drive growth. However, today’s organisations also must innovate at speed and scale. Indeed, a frequent question we hear from CEOs around the world is: “How can my organisation adapt and move faster?”

Latest issue : The Intelligent Organisation

Brains Over Brawn: How Intelligent Technology Creates Competitive Advantage

By Steve Niesman Executive Vice President, Americas Region President & CEO at NTT DATA Business Solutions US

What safeguards do organisations have against the constant tide of disruption? Those that are smart are taking full advantage of technologies like cloud, AI and big data analytics – and doing so with one focus in mind: giving their people what they need to leverage the full power of their collective intelligence.

Leading Inclusively in a Covid-19 World

By Anjali Bindra Patel Director of DEI at Winrock International and author of the bestselling Humanity at Work

The New Connectivity

By Dan Albright Global Head of Consulting & Marketing Director, NTT DATA Services

Why the Time Has Come to Reimagine the Employee Experience

By Emma Bridger Employee engagement expert and bestselling author

Adaptive, Diverse and Cyber-Effective: The Elements of an Intelligent Organisation

By John Beckford Partner at Beckford Consulting, President at the Cybernetics Society, professor and author

We need to rethink the organisation. We must break from the traps of historic convention, stop managing the wrong things and embrace an adaptive synthesis of people, behaviours and processes enabled by effective information. In doing so, intelligent organisations will deliver greater value to all stakeholders.

The Intelligent Organisation: a film by NTT DATA

The only organisations able to keep pace with changing market demands are those leveraging both the full power of modern technologies such as cloud and AI, and the collective knowledge of every employee. This synthesis of information, infrastructure and people has seen the rise of The Intelligent Organisation – one which is fuelled by data, enabled by technology and empowered by democratic decision-making.

The Compassionate Corporation: A Pragmatic Approach to People-Centric Transformation

By Michael Goodman VP of Business Insights, NTT DATA Services & Kim Curley Workforce Readiness Practice Leader, NTT DATA Services & Lisa Woodley VP of Customer Experience, NTT DATA Services

How can businesses change and grow in a way that’s both practical for the organisation and empathetic to the individuals that make it up? The first step is understanding that people are always the drivers, as well as the agents, of change. Leaders must now rethink their growth strategy and take a humanity-meets-pragmatism approach to driving their business forward.

Dive deeper into The Intelligent Organisation

Intelligent Organisations: A Systemic Approach

By Markus Schwaninger Professor of Management at the University of St. Gallen, and author of Intelligent Organisations: Powerful Models for Systemic Management

TX Marks the Spot: The Strategic Value of Total Experience

By Sebastian Solbach Head of Business Consulting & Solutions, NTT DATA DACH

Cybersecurity: The Fabric of Any Intelligent Organisation

By Haroon Malik Security Consulting Director & Principal Security Consultant, NTT DATA UK Kiam Cameron Security Consulting Director & Principal Security Consultant, NTT DATA UK

How to Use Data Science to Make Faster and Better Decisions

By Daan van Beek Founder and CEO of Passionned Group and author of Data Science for Decision-Makers

5 Minutes On... The Intelligent Organisation

Amplifying Employee Satisfaction With Analytics

By Silvia Lippi Consulting Engagement Manager, NTT DATA Italy

Covid has changed almost everything about how we work, and now HR is undergoing a revolution. HR’s most important role, arguably, is improving the employee experience – in turn contributing to profitability, competitiveness and, of course, the happiness of the workforce. Here’s how data and analytics support this aim.

Anticipating Change and Intelligent Operations

By Cathy Ward Chief Operating Officer Asia Pacific Japan, SAP

SAP’s Cathy Ward talks about going through the largest global transformation in the history of the company, the changing nature of the COO’s role, and why anticipating and driving (instead of resisting) change is how businesses can grow and prosper in the new post-Covid world. And how – in the shift from a focus on cost-effectiveness to resilience, sustainability and experience – organisations can increase their operational intelligence and help to shape the future.


White Paper: Accelerating to an Intelligent Enterprise

What does it take to build an intelligent enterprise? The combination of human intellect and the computer’s proficiency in performing rules-based tasks creates a hybrid ability far better than man or machine can achieve alone. To become a digitally optimised organisation, and sustain it, companies need a clear understanding of what they hope to gain, plus a cohesive plan to bring technology and people together for the maximum benefit.

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