Welcome to the seventh issue of CXO Magazine

By Miguel Teixeira CEO, NTT DATA Americas

As we emerge into a world where the unexpected is commonplace and face-to-face interaction is no longer essential to run a business, many things are changing for employees and employers alike.

Latest issue : The Connected Future Workplace

Responsible Freedom: Creating the Connected Future Workplace

By Miguel Teixeira CEO, NTT DATA Americas

The pandemic forced businesses and organizations to abandon the physical office and adopt remote working. But with Covid now seemingly behind us, and hybrid practices well-established, is there a danger that without face-to-face interaction, organizations will lose the very thing that keeps them connected?

Building Gentelligent Cultures for the Future of Work

By Megan Gerhardt Professor of Management & Leadership - Miami University

Essential Skills in a Digital Future

By Isabel Amor Cordero Liquid Workplace Manager at Talent & Transformation, NTT DATA EMEAL

Looking Back to Get Ahead

By Gethin Nadin Award-winning psychologist and author of A World of Good: Lessons from Around the World in Improving the Employee Experience

Looking back has always been a crucial part of moving forwards. Understanding the history of the workplace can help business leaders to accelerate their path to success in the future. The best advice for delivering a great employee experience, that will attract and retain the best people, is hidden in our past.

5 Minutes On… The Relationship Between Technology and Inclusion

By Stephen Frost CEO, Included

5 Minutes On… How inclusion can truly fulfill its potential as an unassailable route to innovation, why we need to go outside our comfort zone and include people who are as different from us as we can handle, and the risks and opportunities leaders should look out for when it comes to technology.

Dive Deeper into the Connected Future Workplace

Employee Wellbeing is the Core of Connected Workplaces

By Laura Lipponen People Function, Global Leadership Development & Diversity, Expert Health & Wellbeing, NTT DATA Business Solutions AG

Inclusion and Diversity Matter, and Here’s Why

By Stephen Frost CEO, Included

Leaders today face a bewildering amount of change and uncertainty. They are expected to guide others, even when they themselves are unsure of the way forward. Yet diversity, which is often perceived as a problem, is actually a free resource to help leaders to de-risk and calibrate their decision-making.

Workplace Diversity in a Global Society

By Dr Chaunda Scott Professor at Oakland University and author of Diversity in the Workforce: Current Issues and Emerging Trends

What’s the state of play in diversity education, and where are corporates falling short? To move from paying lip service to enacting real change, we must expand traditional leadership models with multicultural education competencies. Moving on from simply defining diversity initiatives and policies, the focus must now be on outcomes.

The Connected Future Workplace Blogs

5 Minutes On...

Previous Issue: The Trust Imperative

Trust: The New Imperative for a License to Operate

Trust matters more than ever, but in the age of (mis)information, knowing who and what to trust is becoming increasingly difficult. The challenge to prove good corporate behavior is matched by the opportunity: trustworthy businesses have a competitive advantage extending from talent and customer attraction to organizational excellence and stronger growth. Forward-thinking leaders understand that trust is an economic asset, and a crucial one. As consumers and employees alike pay more and more attention to the business practices and social impact of brands, only those that demonstrate authenticity and social responsibility will have a license to operate.

Earning Trust and Customer Capital Through Integrity

By Ilenia Vidili Customer centricity advisor, keynote speaker and author of Journey to Centricity

Thriving When the “Authorities” No Longer Know What to Do

By Nick Craig President of Authentic Leadership Institute and author of Leading from Purpose

The Purpose-Driven Corporate: Reimagining the Power of Business

By Debbie Haski-Leventhal CSR expert, professor of management at Macquarie Business School and author of Strategic CSR: A Holistic Approach to Responsible and Sustainable Business

Ethics: A Consultant’s Guide

By Ian Bower Director, Business Design Lead, NTT DATA UK

Trusting the Human in Our Future

By Philipp Kristian Human Futurist, author of The Trust Economy and RESET

Employees and customers have new expectations of organizations, not just to speak and understand their language, but ultimately to be human – in the decisions that they make, the values they represent, and the way they contribute to human progress. Trust is the driving force of change and value creation; trust gives us the power to reimagine, rethink and reshape our world, environment and professional as well as personal context.

Trust: The New Currency of Business

By Fernando Apezteguia CEO, NTT DATA UK

In a world where skepticism and misinformation have now become the default, trust has become the new currency for business. And those companies that know how to spend it well can create a competitive advantage by making sure that their actions speak louder than words.

Why Trust is Stuck in the U-Bend

By John Elkington Founder & Chief Pollinator at Volans, professor, and author of Green Swans: The Coming Boom in Regenerative Capitalism

How Companies Can Build Trust in Uncertain Times

By Shalene Gupta Research Associate at Harvard Business School and co-author of The Power of Trust

The Human Side of Risk

By Edmund Tribue Vice President, Risk & Compliance, NTT DATA Services Kim Curley Vice President, Workforce Readiness Consulting, NTT DATA Services

Improve Business Performance with Empathy & Trust

By Alex Allwood CX expert and author of Customer Empathy: A Radical Intervention in Customer Experience Management and Design