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Information and Cybersecurity in the UK: The State of Play for Corporates

By Ken Jones Security Consulting, Regulatory Director, NTT DATA , Warren O'Driscoll Head of Security Practice, Senior Director, NTT DATA UK

The different needs of cybersecurity continue to evolve, in the same way that businesses must adapt and respond to these cybersecurity risks and challenges. Partnerships are just one of the many ways in which businesses can protect themselves and move with the times.

The Human Side of Risk

By Edmund Tribue Vice President, Risk & Compliance, NTT DATA Services , Kim Curley Vice President, Workforce Readiness Consulting, NTT DATA Services

In such turbulent times, with a global pandemic and the drive towards the digital world, dependence on cyber safety and consumer trust only becomes increasingly important. Technology continues to develop in complexity, as do our methods to mediate it, but it’s imperative that we don’t forget the human side of risk, too.

Cybersecurity: The Fabric of Any Intelligent Organisation

By Haroon Malik Security Consulting Director & Principal Security Consultant, NTT DATA UK , Kiam Cameron Security Consulting Director & Principal Security Consultant, NTT DATA UK

Does today’s need for cyber vigilance conflict with the move towards organisational intelligence and its need to share data? We believe the opposite is true – robust cybersecurity can be a powerful enabler of progress.

5 Minutes On… Carbon Footprint Measurement

By Bill Wilson Head of Data & Intelligence Solutions, NTT DATA UK

How Businesses Can Serve the Greater Good

By Sergio Oliveira Director of Research & Development, NTT DATA Business Solutions Brazil

Machine learning and AI are often associated with enhancing the consumer experience, but they can also assist businesses significantly in their tax-related work. Simplifying the taxation processes and compliance procedures contributes to business sustainability, and through it, the wider community and society.