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Creating Innovation within the Corporate Status Quo

By Tendayi Viki Corporate innovation expert and award-winning author of Pirates in the Navy

How Diversity & Inclusion Drive Innovation

By Stefanie K. Johnson Associate Professor of Management at University of Colorado and author of Inclusify

How to Succeed at Corporate Innovation

By Peter Jackson Director of Group Data Sciences, Legal & General

Welcome to the first issue of CXO Magazine

By Walter Ruffinoni CEO NTT DATA Italia

Welcome to the first edition of CXO by NTT DATA, a brand-new magazine aimed at corporate leaders. The theme for this first issue is ‘A Culture of Entrepreneurship’.

A Toolkit for Culture Innovation

By Cantemir Mihu Chief Technology Officer, NTT DATA Romania

Creating the culture for an entrepreneurial mindset to flourish takes more than a shift in management. A robust toolkit with creativity at its heart, nurtured and encouraged through day to day business is required for true behavioural change.

Selfless Service: How Japanese Philosophy Supercharges Innovation

By Tom Winstanley CTO & Head of New Ventures, NTT DATA UK

Concepts from Japanese culture have permeated across the business world, and with good reason; a mindset which welcomes change and sees continual improvement, humility and respect as de rigeur is perfectly placed to be innovative.

Stop, Look, Listen: How Customer-Centricity Will Save You When Everything’s Changing

By Virgil Ilian Senior Research Consultant, NTT DATA Romania

The tech of 2012 saved us in our time of need. But organisations don’t need to be able to predict the future, instead they must embrace customer-centred rapid-innovation, even when it may conflict with traditional ways of doing business.