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Blockchain Will Change Everything: Here’s How to Spot the Opportunities Early

By Benjamin Matten Technology Innovation, CTO Team, NTT DATA DACH

Remember when people thought the internet wouldn’t catch on? Forward-looking people and organisations quickly adopted networked technologies, understanding the possibilities they offered. The same is true of blockchain – and just like the internet, blockchain is all about finding the patterns and acting early.

Only Natural: Using the Five Capitals Model to Form a Sustainable Development Strategy

By Jesús Carrasco Naranjo Natural Capital & Biodiversity Project Manager, NTT DATA EMEAL

A more detailed framework is needed to understand how we can develop a sustainable society. The five capitals model expands on current assessments to include our dependence and impact on nature and the resources needed to achieve the SDGs. Luckily, there are already protocols in place to help integrate the capitals into operations.

How Businesses Can Serve the Greater Good

By Sergio Oliveira Director of Research & Development, NTT DATA Business Solutions Brazil

Machine learning and AI are often associated with enhancing the consumer experience, but they can also assist businesses significantly in their tax-related work. Simplifying the taxation processes and compliance procedures contributes to business sustainability, and through it, the wider community and society.

Reasons to be Cheerful: Why It Pays To Be Optimistic About Sustainability

By Thomas Geiger Senior Director, Strategic Industry and Management Advisory, NTT DATA DACH

More than a legal obligation to meet governmental targets, consumers, employees and investors are all pointing towards a sustainable future. We can see that sustainability presents a number of profitable opportunities. So, the question is: can you afford to be left behind?

Making the Case for Sustainability

By Mufaddal Sulemanji Senior Consultant, Enterprise Agility & Business Transformation, NTT DATA UK

The risk to your business of doing nothing to move toward sustainable operations might be the greatest risk you can take in this volatile environment. The potential for disruption by government and market forces has businesses asking: Why has it been traditionally difficult to make the case for sustainability, and how can I bring sustainability into my organisation?

How the Circular Economy Benefits Business and Investors While Tackling Global Challenges

By Michiel De Smet Finance Initiative Lead, Ellen McArthur Foundation (and Member of the EU Platform on Sustainable Finance)

The circular economy not only allows us to live within planetary boundaries, it can deliver superior returns, new growth opportunities and access to preferential credit lines. The finance sector is increasingly getting behind this framework and is supporting businesses in their transition with significant growth in funds.