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Information and Cybersecurity in the UK: The State of Play for Corporates

By Ken Jones Security Consulting, Regulatory Director, NTT DATA , Warren O'Driscoll Head of Security Practice, Senior Director, NTT DATA UK

The different needs of cybersecurity continue to evolve, in the same way that businesses must adapt and respond to these cybersecurity risks and challenges. Partnerships are just one of the many ways in which businesses can protect themselves and move with the times.

5 Mins On… Trust as the Driving Force of Business

By Shalene Gupta Research Associate at Harvard Business School and co-author of The Power of Trust

How Companies Can Build Trust in Uncertain Times

By Shalene Gupta Research Associate at Harvard Business School and co-author of The Power of Trust

Trust can take years for organizations to build with customers and employees, but only moments to break. How can businesses secure and build trust that can stand the test of time in a turbulent period of economic shakiness, political unrest and a global pandemic?

Protecting Data Starts With Good Governance

By Eva-Maria Scheiter Head of GRC Consulting, NTT DATA DACH

Whatever the trigger, significant technological and other business changes should never damage your customers’ trust in you. This means keeping their personal data safe. In fact, done well, data protection ought to increase confidence in your business. How to get there? It starts, as with many things, with a detailed understanding of the challenges and strong governance around the solutions.

Embedding Sustainability Into Your Organisation’s Foundations

By Rosy Cinefra VP, Head of Legal & Compliance, NTT DATA Italia

Sustainability reporting and standards are so important. Customers want to know that the companies they work with have clearly defined sustainability goals and mandates. Companies need to be prepared, need to recognise the value of sustainability in achieving their long- and short-term goals.