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Cybersecurity is Everyone’s Job

By Alexis Martín García Cybersecurity Analyst, NTT DATA EMEAL , Marcos Búrdalo Romero Cybersecurity Analyst, NTT DATA EMEAL

In a hyperconnected world, cybersecurity is a vital part of protecting both corporate reputation and the safety of employees. While IT departments might be responsible for putting systems in place, it takes every employee from the C-suite down to ensure those systems remain intact.

The Value of Trust in Business Relationships

By Claudia Jandl Head of Industry Consulting, NTT DATA DACH

Today the global operating environment stands on shaky foundations. Technology is changing at unprecedented rates, and with significant political and economic instability, uncertainty defines interaction, experience and strategy. To build a future that can withstand this complexity, organizations need to put trust at the forefront of their engagements and operations.

Artificial intelligence tells brands where to invest

By Ruggero Di Benedetto Head of Media Consulting, NTT DATA Italy

AI is maturing. One of its newest uses can help advertising match the most relevant content to the viewer, touching gaming, TV. Here’s how.

Traceability Can Fix the Primary Sector’s Image Problem

By Angel Luis Teso Head of Cities, Territories and Primary Sector, NTT DATA EMEAL , Fernando Monzón Delgado Head of Cities, Territories and Primary Sector & Technology Manager, everis, an NTT DATA Company

In an industry plagued by scandal and a poor reputation for commitment to sustainability, those adopting developing technology and proactively improving supply chain capabilities, will be able to provide traceability and transparency particularly in the areas of social impact, safety and authenticity which is ultimately required by today’s customers.

The Innovator’s Best Friend

By Michael Bayler Author of The Liquid Enterprise – How The Network is Changing Value

The customer value proposition is the beating heart of effective innovation. Today more than ever, to ignore this critical strategic anchor is to put both effective investment and business growth at risk.