Blockchain Will Change Everything: Here’s How to Spot the Opportunities Early

By Benjamin Matten Technology Innovation, CTO Team, NTT DATA DACH

Remember when people thought the internet wouldn’t catch on? Forward-looking people and organisations quickly adopted networked technologies, understanding the possibilities they offered. The same is true of blockchain – and just like the internet, blockchain is all about finding the patterns and acting early.

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The Evolution of Buying Habits in Enterprise IT

By Brian Madden Distinguished Technologist, VMware CTO Office

The way enterprises are buying IT is changing, and so are the characteristics of the buyers. Several big trends are driving this transformation, from the need for agility to different expectations of time to value and the liberating possibilities of the cloud. Now, IT departments can stitch everything together to meet their exact needs much faster than ever before.

Securing the Future of Golf with Technology

By Professor Steve Otto Chief Technology Officer, The R&A

Steve talks to CXO about his career at Nasa before The R&A, about how data is helping make golf more accessible across the world, and how future technologies will keep golf thriving in 50 years’ time.

A Practical Guide to Getting the Most From Intelligent Automation

By Pascal Bornet Intelligent Automation expert, bestselling author and member of the Forbes Technology Council

Intelligent automation is a business imperative: not just making organisations more efficient but enriching customer and employee experience – not to mention helping to identify new business strategies. To successfully transform your organisational culture to one that embraces automation, there are five key steps (and a few basic tenets) to ensure you get the most from IA.

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5 Minutes On… Business Process Automation in the Intelligent Organisation

By Vicente Peirotén Head of Automation (Americas), NTT DATA Europe & LATAM

Vicente gives CXO 5 minutes on combining technology and human talent in the right way to build a culture of excellence within business operations, and the benefits that automation promises now and in the future.

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The CXO Podcast: How the Intelligent Organisation will win the Disrupted Future

By John Beckford Partner at Beckford Consulting, President at the Cybernetics Society, professor and author & Edo Tealdi Vice President, Nucleus & Enterprise Automation NTT DATA Services


White Paper : History Made Faster: Why Automation Often Fails, But Doesn’t Have To

Business norms have been swept away by the Covid-19 pandemic; because of this disruption, change had to go deeper and faster than conventionally thought possible. Instead of “returning to normal”, we must now refocus technologies, working practices and business models to create an environment that will be starkly different to the old ways of working.

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Inspire Organisational Agility, Don’t Command It

By Sarah Elk Partner at Bain & Company and co-author of Doing Agile Right Darrell Rigby Partners at Bain & Company and co-author of Doing Agile Right Steve Berez Partner at Bain & Company and co-author of Doing Agile Right